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Posted: April 26, 2012 in Helpful Advice
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Usually pet owners question nothing when getting prescriptions for their pets. “Yes, it’s expensive but it makes Fido feel better!” I’m right there with you. My dog Ozzy had a ligament tear (which eventually became two tears) and the vet I was seeing at the time recommended he use Deramaxx. No problem… first. It was supposed to be temporary, but as his condition worsened so his medication regimen continued. It was costing me $16 for 4 tablets, which lasted 8 days. I began questioning this on many levels. I work as a pharmacy technician, so I started asking the pharmacist questions about possible substitutes. There were actually a few options of NSAID and pain reliever combinations that were cheap. When I called to ask my vet about possibly going this route, I received a “Well there is a generic for Deramaxx that is cheaper.” Really? You didn’t think I needed to know this two months ago? Long story short, and many mishaps later with this vet, I was getting third opinions from a different vet clinic. I found a new vet and nothing but great experiences working as a team with her to make Ozzy’s life better. The medications recommended by the pharmacist worked perfectly for my dog. (Mobic and Ultram combo in case you’re in the same situation.)

Second problem, Ozzy was a mastermind at spitting out pills. Luckily, I could crush these and stick them in his food. Not everyone is this lucky. For you, I HIGHLY recommend finding a compounding pharmacy near you! (No not every pharmacy can compound.) These places can virtually be miracle workers! They can take that aweful medication and make it into a tuna or chicken flavored suspension so Fifi doesn’t claw your eyes out when you try to get her to take it. For dogs, they can take the medication and turn it into a tasty biscuit. For small animals, they can make many things into transdermals so that you can put it on a bald/shaved area of skin. Another huge benefit is that while many drugs are only commercially made in a certain strength, these pharmacies can order the drug(s) in the raw material and make them into the strength you need. (Example: While made in only 10mg commercially, they could possibly make it for the 3mg you need.)

When you work with both your vet and your pharmacist you can make life easier and cheaper for you and your pet.

  1. Great post and thanks for stopping by my little world! I could not agree more with your post. I am a pet groomer currently working at a vet clinic with great people. However, I’ve worked with or around other vets that I would not trust. As with doctors, many vets do not treat as if they have “patients” coming in but “paying customers.” Just because they have a degree does not mean they are doing their best for your pet or your situation, so you have to do your own homework to be sure you’re doing the best for your pet.

    • Yes! It was a big eye opener because it was the first time I’d ever had an issue with a vet before. When they kept refusing to do x-rays but just wanted to ship us off to see a knee specialist, I started wondering if they were really doing all that they could for my dog. The new clinic did everything I ever asked and answered all my questions. Not to mention they did the surgeries right there. I have a healthy dog again thanks to them.
      I really love your photography! I look forward to new posts all the time. 🙂

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