Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies

Posted: April 30, 2012 in How You Can Help
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Working full time doesn’t leave much time for anything else the rest of the week. Add to that that perhaps on one of your only days off you spend time at the local animal rescue helping in any way you can. Maybe you dream of one day owning your very own rescue, but currently if you bring home one more animal your significant other might be tempted to leave you. Despite all these things you still feel like in some shape or form you could be doing more to help the blight of animals, be they domestic or exotic or endangered, anything that tickles your fancy. Then there is the case of money. In this day and age, some have it, many don’t.

You most likely have some change rolling around in the bottom of your purse or pockets. There may even be some laying around on the floor of your vehicle. Those bottles in the garage sure are stacking up mighty high. But how much change can really make a difference?
One can of dog food costs roughly 80 cents. One can of cat food costs about 50 cents. That one little can, can in fact fill someone’s belly for at least one day. That one small can makes a great difference in the life of a hungry animal.

In one month, saving our spare change, Dani saved $9.57. I saved $10.94. We took the change to our bank and used their CoinStar machine free of charge. We were then able to turn around and write a check to a rescue. We are striving to do this every month, and every month donate to a different animal rescue in the state. This month our donation will go to FIDO Dog Rescue in Ann Arbor.

We hope to make this fundraising opportunity go first state-wide and hopefully down the line, nation-wide. Please join our FB page ( and help spread the Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies movement.

Ashleigh and Dani, spare change saving experts!


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