Riding Pigs…..Unintentionally.

Posted: May 21, 2012 in General
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Every Sunday morning I volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary. (sashafarm.org) Yesterday was a hot hot Michigan day, so myself and another volunteer were making sure everyone had fresh cold water. While we were trying to fill up the big BIG pigs water trough they all came over and blocked the way. Some even attempted to take the hose from my hand. *Light bulb* They wanted a nice cool shower as well!

I was more than happy to oblige. Once everyone had their morning shower (and they really needed it, covered head to butt in mud) I was finally “allowed” to fill the drinking water up as well. While we waited for it to slowly fill I sat on the wooden fence that protects the pump from getting destroyed. Mid conversation with the other volunteer and suddenly I was floating through the air and dropped down gently on my feet a foot away. This giant pink pig had lifted me up with her head and set me down because apparently she needed to scratch an itch on the wood. Since her head was still covered in mud, I now had a glorious mud print on my rear. But how could I possibly be mad? She had done it gently when she could have easily tossed me through the air to land in the entire mud pit since I weigh a whole whopping 105 pounds.

Instead I have spent the past two days being entirely too amused that I rode a pig. Unintentionally, but I rode a pig! *Laughs*

Oh the adventures you can have on a farm.


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