Thank You.

Posted: May 26, 2012 in General
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As Memorial Day approaches we are giving thanks and rememberance to the soldiers that have served past and present. While the first thing that generally comes to mind is the human soldiers, we should also be thanking our dedicated and faithful K9 soldiers as well. They serve loyally by their handlers side and follow them into hell and beyond. They willingly sacrifice their lives to save their human comrades.

You may simply Google “military dogs” and the pictures of K9 and human soldiers side by side is endless. Dogs jumping from helicopters, standing watch over sleeping soldiers, searching for bombs and landmines. Their jobs are numerous. They bring even the smallest amount of comfort to soldiers in the trenches of war. Don’t forget the dogs that take care of our wounded soldiers when they come home.

Most of the time we will never know their names or perhaps that they even existed or the heroic things they did that saved lives. But that does not mean that we cannot give thanks. This Memorial Day remember and give thanks to our veterans, human and K9, past and present.


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