Cute and Cuddly Companions

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Helpful Advice
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Companionship is one of the many joys that comes from having a pet. Your pet also benefits from your company as well, but sometimes they may need more. Between work, school, errands, and the endless list of things that often have us coming and going from home, that can leave your pet feeling bored, or even lonely. Like us, animals have social needs, and while some may enjoy their solitude, many would prefer the company of a friend.

Sometimes when animals become bored, they also become frustrated. A lonely pet may find things to occupy its time that you find less than pleasant. A frustrated feline may unravel your toilet paper from the spool and leave it in shreds for you to find when you come home from work. With nothing to do, your dog may decide to turn your brand new pair of shoes into chew toys. Pets with a friend to occupy their time with will often curb their destructive habits.

My husband and I recently learned first hand of another perk that can come from getting your pet a companion. Our male cat Jack had been getting increasingly lethargic with age, and just didn’t seem to be himself anymore. He’d begun scratching himself, seemingly out of boredom, to the point of giving himself scabs on a regular basis.

Last December we adopted a second cat, a chubby little female named Bailey. Well, initially they did the typical cat dance of hissing and avoiding one another, but after about three days, the two were on their way to becoming friends and now they get along perfectly. Often times we’ll find them laying together, or Bailey busying herself with grooming Jack. Soon enough Jack was acting like he did when he was younger, he was back to playing with cat toys, taking interest in cat treats and squishy food, and had stopped scratching himself up out of restlessness.

While getting another pet can have several advantages, it is still a big decision. Making sure that your own pet and the pet you are considering getting will get along is essential. Having a second pet around will only improve things if both pets are willing to co-exist and get along.


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