The Original Rescue

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Rescue Stories
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My very first cat Sushi was hit by a car at my bus stop. A rather traumatizing experience for a kindnergartner. My dad ended up letting me get a new kitty. We went to a sidewalk adoption event. Being so young, I really didn’t know anything about rescue. The only thing I cared about was that I got to get a kitten!

After looking at all the animals (and begging for a Doberman Pincher named Duke) I finally decided on a little tortieshell kitten. While my dad filled out the necessary paperwork, I guarded that cage. Every time some curious soul came to look at her, I proudly exclaimed “That’s MYYYYYY kitty!” I was scared that someone would take her before she was officially mine.

Her name was Nicole, which we shortened to Nikki. My friends called her Ghost Cat because for 3 years they didn’t believe she existed, she hid whenever strangers came over. We had her for 17 glorious years before we had to put her to sleep due to illness. I may not remember the details of adopting her because I was so young, but because of her I always remember why adopting a shelter animal can be such a magical experience.


(Sorry this picture is so small. Saved it from Facebook. The tortie is Nikki and the gray/white cat is Zelda. This is the only picture of them ever getting along haha.)


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