Starting Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies Facebook page ( has opened up a whole new world to us. We’ve come into contact with so many people and some rescues that think what we’re doing is a really great idea. And vice versa. There are SO many groups of people trying to make the world a better place for animals and the methods have been impressive.

This day and age is all about the technology. So networking urgent animals about to be gassed on the top social network, Facebook, should come at no surprise. However the number of pages cross posting (posting animals from all over the state and/or country on as many pages as possible) is amazing! I don’t have statistics on how many animals it has saved but it’s definitely more than would have been saved if these pages never existed. Just one example of many is a community dedicated to the rescue of dogs:

Besides posting animals about to be put to sleep, they also spread the word about fundraising events for rescues, petitions to change state legislation, ChipIn pages (online fundraising where people can donate money to causes via PayPal) and educating the public.

For example, there is a FABULOUS group in Detroit that works to get dogs off the chains and educate owners on proper care of their animals. They are called C.H.A.I.N.E.D Inc., and they raise money and materials to build pens with houses for dogs living their lives on a chain. They recently won a brand new Toyota to help them transport supplies from people voting for them online.

These are just a few of the MANY ideas we have come across in just the last two months. We highly encourage you to browse around the next time you’re just hanging out on Facebook and see what great organizations are trying the spread their word and help change the world. Then we ask you to do ONE more thing; SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. Clicking that “like” button hardly takes any effort at all. Sharing takes just a tiny bit more effort but it helps spread the message to the next person who might think it’s a great idea. Most of all, these rescues/groups/organizations will KNOW that there are people out there backing them up and taking their message to heart. They see horrific things everyday in their mission for a better world, the VERY least we can do is show them that we care. The VERY least we can do is click that button.

So the last question is, will you click to save lives?


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