Adoption Advice Part One

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Helpful Advice
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This week we are going to focus on tips to help aid your adoption process. If you have chosen to adopt it means you are rather serious about finding a lifetime friend/family member. Being prepared in every aspect of adoption, prior to adoption itself, can make the process easier and less daunting. In a way, it can be like preparing to bring a child into your household.

First and most importantly, evaluate your lifestyle. If you have chosen to adopt a dog, are you home enough? Almost everyone has to work part of the day, but how long is the dog going to be left home alone? There are two reasons to this question. One, small dogs have small bladders and are not going to be able to hold it for 8+ hours. Two, you must be prepared to provide entertainment during this time. Boredom can result in bad behavior which is a big reason some animals end up in the shelter or rescue in the first place. This is easily remedied by providing your animal with toys to focus that boredom on. Kongs filled with peanut butter, frozen, and then given to the dog when you’re leaving is one commonly used option. Look up various toys online. There are companies that specialize in making toys that keep them thinking, which keeps them occupied.

What is your energy level? Do you like just hanging out at home? Or do you jog frequently? This should be a major consideration when choosing a new pet. Certain breeds have distinct energy needs. If you like to hang out at home, a Dalmation, Border Collie or Husky is not going to be a good option for you. When not exercised properly or given any outlet for their energy, they make up their own games to keep entertained. You will most certainly NOT be pleased. Conversely, if you love to jog, hike, or bike and want a companion to do these things with, you are not going to want a bulldog, pug, or shih tzu. They will not be able to keep up and trying to make them do so, may potentially kill them. Obviously a majority of dogs in shelters/rescues are mixes, but by knowing what they may be mixed with you can save yourself a lot of heartache.

Which brings us to the very KEY of every adoption: Do your research! Having a working knowledge of various dog breeds can help you find the perfect match. NEVER be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge is your most powerful ally.

(We will have a section completely devoted to the adoption of small animals. Dogs are a common adoption that a lot of people have many questions about, so we wanted to address them first.)

Frisbee is a great sport to compete in with your high energy dog!


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