One Box, Two Box

Posted: July 19, 2012 in General
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So on top of our big adoption event tomorrow night, we will be moving within the next two weeks. (Just one town over but moving is moving and such a pain in the butt!)

As soon as we brought the cardboard boxes in the critters seemed to know what is in store. They watch us walk back and forth, back and forth. You would think we’d left them behind before or something! (Which we never have.)

Arthas, our chinchilla, could care less. As long as his food dish is full, he is a happy fella.

Zelda loves to run between all the boxes like we made a maze especially for her.

Ozzy insists on sticking his nose in every open box.

Hopefully once the move is complete and we’re all settled in, there will be plenty of new fun pictures of the animals in our new place. Ozzy for one, is going to love it because there are trails all over for us to explore.

Within the next two days we will post how the adoption event went and any pictures we take. We are SO excited and hope things go well. 🙂


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