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Clara, the Early Years. The story of the pug who ruled my life.

By Margo Kaufman

308 pages

This is a must read for anyone who lives with/loves pugs. Think Sex and the City starring an adorable black pug. Co-starring an owner who chronicles life with two pugs who don’t get along while trying to adopt a child from overseas. This is a feel good book that also informs first time pug parents just exactly what they’re in for.

4 out of 5 paws.



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All kinds of funny/crazy things happen on a farm. This past week, on my usual day of volunteering at the farm sanctuary, the goats decided I would make a great scratching post…..for their horns. I had 3 of them doing it at once! Luckily it didn’t actually hurt, it just felt really strange. Goats are my favorite part of the farm.

Thank you everyone who took the time to vote on our poll.

First place winner was Horse.

Second place winner was Rodent.

So Ashleigh will be choosing a horse breed to do an entry about and Dani will be doing the Rodent entry of her choice.

We hope to have these done within the next couple weeks.

In the mean time, another book review is on its way!

You Choose!

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The holiday seasons are right around the corner!

Does your pet help you decorate like Birdo here?