Progress in the Kitty Situation

Posted: May 13, 2013 in The Kitty Chronicles
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So we’re still taking it rather slowly getting the cats used to each other, but a small bit of progress has been made. Jack and Zelda can now be in the same room without anyone going into kitty-kill mode, though Zelda still lets it be known she is displeased by growling at Jack. This is a welcomed change compared to the explosion of hatred that had preciously ensued between Zelda and Bailey.

Of all three of the cats, Jack is by far the least …catty (pun totally intended).

"What's with all the drama, ladies?"

“What’s with all the drama, ladies?”

We’re hoping to start re-introducing Zelda and Bailey in a more controlled manner soon. So we’ll keep you guys posted of any further progress in the kitty chronicles. πŸ™‚

  1. So far so good…progress is progress, one step at a time )

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