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We just wanted to share the best pet item finds we came across this week. Whether you want to donate these items to your local shelter or spoil your own critters is up to you, but we just had to share these deals we found!

If you have a Meijer nearby, this week you can get some great deals, and make those deals even better by using coupons too. (Just remember to make sure your store matches these sale prices, and check their coupon policy.)

Purina Friskies Party Mix, Crispies, Natural Sensations or Indoor Crunchy Treats are $1.25, but there is a coupon from the Redplum insert from 3-18-12 that gets you 50 cents off 1. (Meijer will also double this coupon, giving you $1 off instead of just the 50 cents!!) So your final price is only 25 cents if you use the coupon!

5.5 oz cans of Friskies canned cat food are marked as only 45 cents, but if you use the SmartSource Insert coupon from 4-29-12 for 50 cents off 6, you can get them for only 28 cents each when you buy 6 cans!

5.5 oz cans of Mighty Dog dog food are only 60 cents, but there is a printable coupon still that will get you $1 off when you buy 6 cans. So you only have to pay $2.60 to get 6 cans of dog food!

Here is the printable coupon:

Also, at Dollar General, you can get Purina T Bonz Dog Snacks at $1.33 until 5-6-12.

Plus there is a nice coupon for a $1 off 1 from 4-29-12 SmartSource. That means you only pay 33 cents for the dog treats!


In our previous article we mentioned how we would try to keep you updated on good deals we found on things such as pet food, treats, and litter. Since many of us are on tighter budgets these days, we’ve listed some of this week’s best deals in the MI area we found. The items listed below would make great items to donate to your local shelter since they don’t cost much, but will help out a lot.

For those of you who coupon, we also mentioned coupons you can use to make these items even cheaper than they already are!

If you have a Dollar General nearby, here are some very inexpensive items you can buy this week to donate to your local shelter. (Remember to check your individual store’s ad and coupon policy just to be sure they are the same. Not all stores use the same ads or policies, so always double check!)

Purina Mighty Dog Dog Food 5.5 oz can

One can of dog food is only 60 cents! (plus, there is a printable coupon for $1 off 6 cans)!

So if you use the coupon, you’d only be paying $2.60 for 6 cans of dog food!

Here is a link to the printable coupon:

Whiskas Cat Food Tray 3.5 oz

It is only 60 cents per tray of food, but if you are into saving and clipping coupons, check to see if you have a Redplum coupon from March 4th that will give you 75 cents off of 6 trays.

Each tray will only cost you 48 cents when you buy 6 with the coupon!

Purina T Bonz Dog Treats 5.5 oz

This week they are marked at $1.75, but if you have a Redplum coupon from January 29th for $1 off 1, then you only pay 75 cents each when you buy 2!

Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food 13.2 oz can

Marked at only 80 cents per can (plus a SmartSource coupon from April 1st for $1.50 off 10 cans) makes your total only .65 per can when you buy 10!

Purina Whisker Lickins Cat Treats

They are currently $1.35 per bag, but when paired with a Redplum coupon from January 29th for $1 off 2, you only pay .85 each when you buy 2 bags!

There are also some very similar deals at Family Dollar as well this week. (Make sure to double check their ad and coupon policies to see if you can get these great deals as well.) Family Dollar also has a great deal on kitty litter this week and animal shelters can never have too much kitty litter!

Purina Tidy Cats Performance Litter 20 lbs

Marked at only $4.50 until April 28, plus a Redplum coupon from January 29th for $1 off 1, making it only $3.50 for the whole 20 lbs!