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Bobbie recently started helping rescue dogs on the westside of the state of Michigan. As she states, it does indeed just take one person to make a difference.

“What would life be like for you if you lived everyday, all day long on the end of a chain?? Would you have proper shelter from the elements?? Will anybody come play with me today?? I see my sister across the yard living as I do, but we can’t get close and be a pack like we should. Will anybody come untangle our chains today so we can have more than 3 ft of chain?? Will I ever get to run and play again?? Does anybody care about me?? The kids come and feed me, they give me a little love, but I want more… I remember before the baby came, when I use to live in the house and sleep with my humans… Will I ever get to do that again?? What did I do wrong?? Will I ever get off this chain?? I’m here… waiting… day after day…..

Sadly, this is life for many dogs living outside around the world. I met 2 wonderful dogs when I was living in Baldwin, Michigan on West US 10, which is not far from Lake Michigan. The winters get very cold up in Lake County, which is one of the poorest counties in Michigan. It was so difficult to find a job that I had to move and these dogs have been haunting me ever since.

Back in December 2011, I started a page on facebook called “Save the dogs (it just takes one person)”. I just couldn’t sit by any longer and watch others helping animals in need and not do my part. I’ve met some truly amazing people and they inspire me daily to keep fighting for these animals who have no voice. If we don’t take it upon ourselves to change the world, it will never change.

A few months ago I came across a page that just spoke to me, C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc a 501c3 in Detroit, Michigan. I emailed them asking for their help and advice on how I could help these dogs. They responded by donating 3 dog houses, 2 bags of large breed dog food, collars, toys and treats. I sacrificed my Easter and traveled to Detroit to get these gifts that they gave so willingly.

Many people have asked me why these dogs haven’t been taken away from the owner yet. I’ve called animal control in Lake County, Michigan, and spoke to them last winter about these dogs. They were suppose to go out with some straw, check on the dogs and call me back. That was months ago. And all though I have left many messages on their answering machine, no one has returned my call yet.

My goal is not to take any animals away from anyone or alert the authorities unless the animal is in mortal danger. I am trying to enhance the life of the dogs who live on chains 24/7 by providing safe fenced in yards, insulated dog houses, food assistance, treats, toys, and the love they so desperately need. This is only possible through the donations of generous people. More than anything I want to educate owners on how to become better parents and guardians to their furbabies.


Bobbie Havlik”