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So it just so happens that March 1st is a day to celebrate our hoofed friends of both the swine and equine variety.

National Pig Day:

Evelyn being playful with a stick. :)

Evelyn being playful with a stick. 🙂

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to get to spend some time around pigs, you’ll know just how intelligent, funny, and awesome they tend to be. We’ve both had the pleasure of getting to know some of the pigs through volunteering at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary, and let us tell you, they’re some real characters! A lot of people are surprised at just how smart and affectionate pigs can be, but they really are a joy to be around.

Louie the potbelly when he was just a little baby!

Louie the potbelly when he was just a little baby!

Louie all grown up and still adorable.

Louie all grown up and still adorable.

National Horse Protection Day:

Rain being super cute and fuzzy.

Rain being super cute and fuzzy.

Nobody likes to think about a horse being abused or neglected, or even sent to slaughter, but unfortunately, horses often fall victim to those very things. National Horse Protection Day exists to bring such injustices to the public’s attention and educate people on how they can help. Horses may not be able to speak out against those that would do them harm, but we can and we should. We know how it goes, wanting to help but knowing that adopting a rescued horse just isn’t a realistic option at this time. But there are also plenty of other ways you can help. Some of things you can do include:

  • Volunteering your time at an animal sanctuary or horse rescue. (Trust us, it’s just as rewarding for you as it is for the animals you’ll be helping!)

  • Helping spread the word, simply by helping raise awareness, or sharing news of horses in need of adoption in your area.

  • Donating to a horse rescue (aside from money, rescues are always in need of food and supplies. You can often find wish lists of the items they need right on their websites.)

Some horse rescues in Michigan include:

Starry Skies Equine Rescue and Sanctuary (Ann Arbor, MI):


Northern Michigan Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation (Gaylord, MI):


Beyond the Roses Equine Rescue & Retirement (Emmett, MI):


SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary (Manchester, MI):

**This one is a sanctuary for all kinds of farm animals, with several horse and pig residents!

Feten, one of the lucky horses who get to live out the rest of their days at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Feten, one of the lucky horses who get to live out the rest of their days at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary.

national horse protection day banner



Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with the ones we love, and that includes our fuzziest and loyalist companions! Our pets are there for us year round, providing an unconditional kind of love that can brighten our spirits on the gloomiest of days. If you’re stumped on ideas for your pets, or even on what to get a significant other that loves animals, we might just have some ideas you’d like. 🙂

How cute are these "bichon bars" from Three Dog Bakery

How cute are these “bichon bars” from Three Dog Bakery?

Three Dog Bakery's "Boxer Brownies" look good enough for people to eat!

Three Dog Bakery’s “Boxer Brownies” look good enough for people to eat!

Check out this "pet-it-four" they make as well.

Check out this “pet-it-four” they make as well.

Bakeries all over the place are going to the dogs, literally! Bakeries catering specifically to our four-legged friends are sprouting up everywhere, making freshly baked doggy-friendly cupcakes, cookies, and more. Even some regular bakeries are getting in on the action, like Cupcake Station in Ann Arbor, Michigan with their adorable “pup-cakes”! Three Dog Bakery in the Partridge Creek Mall of Clinton Township, Michigan is the kind of place you can find such delectable treats as “Boston Terrier Cream Pies”, “Boxer Brownies”, “Pupcakes”, and “Bulldog Bars”.

mhs gif

Stumped on what to get your significant other this year? A wonderful type of gift that has been gaining in popularity are donations. This Valentine’s Day why not make a donation to a rescue or shelter in your special someone’s name? Roses wilt, cards often get discarded or lost, and chocolates (while delicious) are soon gobbled up and gone; a donation that goes toward helping save animals is one that will have a lasting impact. There are plenty of places out there that could put your donation to good use, but one specifically is the Michigan Humane Society. Thursday, February 13th is the Michigan Humane Society’s annual Valentine’s Telethon. Donations are tax-deductible and help the good people at the humane society continue to provide the much-needed care to homeless, abused, and neglected animals in need. You can find more information on how to donate right on the Michigan Humane Society’s web page, here:

will you be my human

Have a heart, and be a Rescue-Dog or Rescue-Cat’s Valentine! Please just remember that if you plan on getting a pet for someone for Valentine’s Day, to make 100% sure that they are ready for the commitment that comes along with it. Sometimes the best intentions just aren’t enough to make something work, and no one wants to see a pet come so close to having their forever home, only to have it taken away from them. It just isn’t fair to the animal involved. So make sure the person is on board fully, find out for sure if the place they live even allows pets (and if they do, that there are no restrictions that would apply to the critter you’re adopting), and please adopt. There are already so many animals out there in need of love, and they could truly use a good home.


Most importantly, the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give your pet, is the same one you give them everyday: Your love. We are our pets best friends, and there is nothing you could buy them that could ever measure up to your time. Whether you’re just snuggling on the couch, scratching that one spot that makes their back leg go crazy, or playing a game of tug-of-war or fetch, it will mean the world to your pet. They may not be able to go out and buy you flowers or write you any love poems, but who needs that when you’ve got a dog happily wagging his tail, or a cat purring in your lap?