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It’s a simple fact that there are few things in the entire world that cats love as much as catnip.

So, with that in mind, when spoiling our kitties, catnip is usually one of the first things we look for. This year, while Christmas shopping, we were surprised to discover something we’d never heard of before, and just thought we’d share our find now that the cats have had enough time to thoroughly test it out.

Catnip Bubbles!!

Found these bubbles at a cool store called 'Five Below' for $3.50

Found these bubbles at a cool store called ‘Five Below’ for $3.50

Containing pure catnip oil, the bubbles come just like the ones we all played with as kids, with a little bubble wand and everything!

So far between all three of our cats, the results have varied, but mostly been positive.

  • Bailey LOVES them. She was a little spooked by them popping at first, but quickly grew to love swatting the bubbles with her paw and popping them herself! And as soon as she’s done committing bubble murder, she always looks up expectantly with her big imploring kitty eyes, eager for more.
  • Zelda doesn’t appreciate the bubbles popping, but she definitely enjoys the aftermath by rubbing her face into the carpet where the bubbles have previously popped. It makes for quite the entertaining sight to say the least.
  • Jack is, to put it bluntly, terrified of them. He runs away and meows a meow of intense displeasure any time one comes remotely near him.

So, to sum it up catnip bubbles may not be for every cat, but we think it is at least worth a try. Some cats love them, some are spooked by them, and some just like the smell of them, but it’s always fun to let your critters try something new. 🙂