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Ozzy says he’s ready for presents! How about everyone else?!



June 1st officially marks the beginning of National Pet Adoption Month!

If you’ve been thinking about bringing a new pet into your home, what better way than to adopt one from a shelter or rescue? Finding a pet is made even more convenient these days with sites like or where you can find tons of pets in your area right from home. You’ll find even more than just dogs and cats too, including animals like ferrets, chinchillas, rats, birds, and plenty of other little critters.


Thank you everyone who took the time to vote on our poll.

First place winner was Horse.

Second place winner was Rodent.

So Ashleigh will be choosing a horse breed to do an entry about and Dani will be doing the Rodent entry of her choice.

We hope to have these done within the next couple weeks.

In the mean time, another book review is on its way!

So on top of our big adoption event tomorrow night, we will be moving within the next two weeks. (Just one town over but moving is moving and such a pain in the butt!)

As soon as we brought the cardboard boxes in the critters seemed to know what is in store. They watch us walk back and forth, back and forth. You would think we’d left them behind before or something! (Which we never have.)

Arthas, our chinchilla, could care less. As long as his food dish is full, he is a happy fella.

Zelda loves to run between all the boxes like we made a maze especially for her.

Ozzy insists on sticking his nose in every open box.

Hopefully once the move is complete and we’re all settled in, there will be plenty of new fun pictures of the animals in our new place. Ozzy for one, is going to love it because there are trails all over for us to explore.

Within the next two days we will post how the adoption event went and any pictures we take. We are SO excited and hope things go well. 🙂

When the time has finally come, and you are ready to adopt a new animal into your family, the excitement can make you forget some very important questions. Some of these questions can be critical in your decision making process. So we have created an easy way to keep track of your information! (This format can be used for any type of animal.)

Please FEEL FREE to use this template of questions on your journey to the rescue/shelter you have selected. Just copy and paste into whatever Office program you have and print away! Print multiples if you will be looking at multiple animals. And most importantly….don’t forget to take along a writing utensil as well!

Animal Adoption Questionnaire

Shelter/Rescue Org:___________________________________________________
Animal Name:_______________________________

Are they up-to-date on vaccinations? Any other medical background information?

What is their background? (Stray, owner surrender, abuse case, etc.)

Do they like dogs?
Small Animals?

Are they house broken?

What, if any, behavioral problems do they have?

What kind of energy level do they have?

Selecting Where to Adopt From

Previously we explained the main differences between adopting from a rescue or adopting from a shelter. If you missed it, you can find it here:

Let’s say that you have decided to adopt through a rescue. The first thing to do is find rescues in your area or within the distance you are willing to drive. Second, find their web page and find out what their adoption process is and how much the adoption costs. Third, check out the animals they have available for adoption. If you find an animal that may fit your lifestyle, you may have to fill out an adoption form and email it to the rescue before you can meet them. This may seem inconvenient but actually serves a good purpose for both you and the rescue. First, the rescue will see that they have a serious potential adopter. If they made appointments to meet up every time someone thought an animal was cute but then weren’t serious about adopting them, it would be a waste of time and resources for the rescue. Second, if you fill the adoption out at home, you’ll be filling it out at your leisure and not make mistakes because you were trying to listen to someone talk or playing with the dog while filling out the paperwork. This will also help the rescue find other animals at their facility that may be fit for your life style, in case your first choice doesn’t work out.

A very important factor is feeling comfortable with the rescue you are working with. They should be willing to answer all questions you have. Whether by telephone, email or in person. A good rescue is one that is intent on finding the perfect home for their animals and helping people find the perfect animals for their home. The more time spent making sure everybody will be happy, the less likely it is that that animal will be returned to the rescue.

Another important resource if available to you is talking with people that have adopted through the rescue you are interested in working with. Do you know someone who has rescued an animal themselves? Talk to them! They are a valuable resource to have! They could point you in the direction of a great rescue. Keep your options open and ask questions when they arise.

Tomorrow we will post a questionnaire to take with you to the rescue or shelter. Many times while talking with someone you may accidently forget to ask a very important question. Having this sheet and a pen with you will help you to remember all the most important questions. Plus, if you are looking at multiple animals it can help you keep track of their different information and help you to select the best option for adoption.

Change your default photo on Facebook to something purple (like below) for one week to raise animal cruelty awareness.