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It seems that we’re apologizing a lot for our lack of updates, so this time we won’t. Life has been full of changes in recent months. Losses, gains and adventures abound. With everything going on it has been difficult to keep up with things in real life, let alone catching up on internet things. But we’ll try to as we’re able. Thank you to those who have stuck around. Even in our absence we are still showing that plenty of readers are stopping by.

Not long after our previous post we lost Jack, Dani’s beloved old gentleman cat. His loss affected everyone in the house but none more so than his best friends Bailey, Dani and Dani’s husband as Jack was his first cat. He was an old, wise soul that will not be forgotten.

After that, there was the surprise loss of a family member. But best to not dwell on that at the moment or this entry won’t get finished.

Shortly, very shortly after their passing we had a new surprise family member added to the household. A new puppy.

There had been no plans of another addition of a dog to the household at least for another year, there is much to be done this year as it was. However, due to irresponsible owners and my own husbands big heart we ended up with a tiny brown and white bundle of sass.

Meet the tiny demon.

Meet the tiny demon.

She came home with us at a very early age, 6 weeks, because on top of already not spaying or neutering their current dogs, they deemed puppies too much hassle and were threatening to throw them out in the cold. Or send them to the shelter, whichever caught their fancy first. We had already agreed to take her at 8 weeks but at this point we just wanted her out of dangerous hands so I demanded that she be brought to me the very night that I was told of such threats. So she was and the rest was as they say, history.

Except that it wasn’t. I couldn’t get her other siblings out of my head. I very briefly considering bringing the last 2 unclaimed puppies home with me until I could find them good homes myself. However, after a few nights with one 6 week old puppy, I realized that I would lose my damn mind with three. This did not help stem my worry. I kept in constant contact with a girl that was also trying to help find them homes. Through networking with my friends who are also into rescue we were able to get the one remaining sibling to a rescue group.

When I picked up the sister to drive to another town to meet with the rescue people, she was much in the same condition as our puppy was when we first brought her home. Tear stains down her face and reeking of urine and feces. They were being kept in a bathroom that apparently, wasn’t being cleaned. I was also informed that when I picked her up, it was the first time she’d ever felt grass on her feet. Despite such rough beginnings, the puppies were healthy and their tear stains ceased in a few days of clean environment.

Dropping her sister off to the rescue group.

Dropping her sister off to the rescue group.

We named our new family member, Samus. I thought house breaking would be a breeze because it was with Ozzy however she ended up having a urinary tract infection due to her previous living conditions so it took quite a bit longer than expected. It took Ozzy about a week to warm up to her and now they’re practically inseparable. She is 3/4 Australian Shepherd and 1/4 Rottweiler and 100% energy. She can’t control her licker either. But she is damn cute and expect to see a lot more of her.





We both just learned an interesting tidbit tonight that we thought would be fun to share. Being advocates for shelter adoption, we were surprised we had never heard of such a thing before, but we loved the idea behind it. Since dogs brought into shelters are from all walks of life, often little background information is known of them, including their birthdays. With the help of a vet, it usually isn’t too hard to figure out the age of a dog, but their actual birthday forever remains a mystery.

Well, the North Shore Animal League America (the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization) decided that everyone deserves a birthday, and so they named the first day in August as DOGust 1st, a birthday for all of the shelter and rescue dogs whose birthdays are otherwise unknown.

With August right around the corner we thought now would be the perfect time to share the news for those of you who didn’t already know about it. Also, if anyone is interested in more information about the NSALA, you can get all the details right here:

Ozzy celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Ozzy celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Just recently, we learned the story of a basset hound in Michigan named Whiskey Joe. He has had a rough life, rougher than any animal should ever have to go through. His previous owner was abusive and denied Whiskey Joe food and water. He even had to have an eye removed thanks to his owner’s cruelty. Whiskey Joe ran away from home and was put into a shelter where he faced being put down. Fortunately for Whiskey Joe a kind volunteer saw to it that he didn’t have to go back to his owner and that he was able to get the help he needed through Almost Home.

Whiskey Joe has been through a lot, and thanks to the kindness of others has gotten the chance for a new life, but he still needs that special someone to give him a place he can call home. Despite the cruelty inflicted on him by his former owner, Whiskey Joe still has so much love to give. If you think you could be that person to give a dog in need their second chance, please contact Almost Home at You can also fill out an application online. If you’re interested in learning more about Whiskey Joe and Almost Home you can do both by checking out these pages.

Whiskey Joe’s Petfinder Profile:

Almost Home’s Website:

The things that have happened to Whiskey Joe are so heartbreaking that we both felt compelled to do what we could to spread the word about this amazing dog and his story. By sharing this brave dog’s story we hope to reach out to someone who is willing to give Whiskey Joe a home where he can get the love and kindness he deserves.

If you cannot adopt Whiskey Joe, but still wish to help, donations can be made to Whiskey Joe c/o Almost Home Animal Rescue League, P.O. Box 250602, West Bloomfield, MI 48325. You can also donate through paypal via the Almost Home website.

Even if you cannot give Whiskey Joe a home or make a donation, you can still help just by spreading the word. The more people who know about this courageous dog the more likely he is to find someone to adopt him.

Rescuing Sprite (A Dog Lover’s Story of Joy and Anguish) by Mark R. Levin

216 pages

All politics aside, Mark Levin’s Rescuing Sprite is a tale all too familiar to animal lover’s every where. (I’ll admit it, I cried!) Written in a diary format, it chronicles the life, struggles, and ultimately death of an amazing little dog. Levin also holds no bars when it comes to voicing his emotions through it all. A very easy read as it is a small book, I would recommend that you borrow it from a friend. It only took me a few hours to read but moved me none the less.

3 out of 5 paws