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If you live around Traverse City, or just so happen to be in the area on Friday, February 21st, stop by the Brewery Ferment and raise your glass for a good cause! You’ll be able to purchase a custom designed AC PAW pint glass for $7.25. A portion of each custom glass sold will go toward helping the animals of the AC PAW rescue, and you’ll also receive a special card. If you show the bartender your card, a portion of every beer you buy at the Brewery Ferment in the next six months will go to the AC PAW as well. So on top of enjoying delicious beer, you’ll also be helping the AC PAW in their efforts to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and care for local homeless animals. If you’re not much of a beer drinker yourself, you could always purchase the pint glass and give it (along with the card) to a friend who will put it to good use and help raise funds while just simply enjoying a nice, cold drink. Here’s to helping the animals! Cheers!

Here's all the details!

Here’s all the details!



Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with the ones we love, and that includes our fuzziest and loyalist companions! Our pets are there for us year round, providing an unconditional kind of love that can brighten our spirits on the gloomiest of days. If you’re stumped on ideas for your pets, or even on what to get a significant other that loves animals, we might just have some ideas you’d like. 🙂

How cute are these "bichon bars" from Three Dog Bakery

How cute are these “bichon bars” from Three Dog Bakery?

Three Dog Bakery's "Boxer Brownies" look good enough for people to eat!

Three Dog Bakery’s “Boxer Brownies” look good enough for people to eat!

Check out this "pet-it-four" they make as well.

Check out this “pet-it-four” they make as well.

Bakeries all over the place are going to the dogs, literally! Bakeries catering specifically to our four-legged friends are sprouting up everywhere, making freshly baked doggy-friendly cupcakes, cookies, and more. Even some regular bakeries are getting in on the action, like Cupcake Station in Ann Arbor, Michigan with their adorable “pup-cakes”! Three Dog Bakery in the Partridge Creek Mall of Clinton Township, Michigan is the kind of place you can find such delectable treats as “Boston Terrier Cream Pies”, “Boxer Brownies”, “Pupcakes”, and “Bulldog Bars”.

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Stumped on what to get your significant other this year? A wonderful type of gift that has been gaining in popularity are donations. This Valentine’s Day why not make a donation to a rescue or shelter in your special someone’s name? Roses wilt, cards often get discarded or lost, and chocolates (while delicious) are soon gobbled up and gone; a donation that goes toward helping save animals is one that will have a lasting impact. There are plenty of places out there that could put your donation to good use, but one specifically is the Michigan Humane Society. Thursday, February 13th is the Michigan Humane Society’s annual Valentine’s Telethon. Donations are tax-deductible and help the good people at the humane society continue to provide the much-needed care to homeless, abused, and neglected animals in need. You can find more information on how to donate right on the Michigan Humane Society’s web page, here:

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Have a heart, and be a Rescue-Dog or Rescue-Cat’s Valentine! Please just remember that if you plan on getting a pet for someone for Valentine’s Day, to make 100% sure that they are ready for the commitment that comes along with it. Sometimes the best intentions just aren’t enough to make something work, and no one wants to see a pet come so close to having their forever home, only to have it taken away from them. It just isn’t fair to the animal involved. So make sure the person is on board fully, find out for sure if the place they live even allows pets (and if they do, that there are no restrictions that would apply to the critter you’re adopting), and please adopt. There are already so many animals out there in need of love, and they could truly use a good home.


Most importantly, the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give your pet, is the same one you give them everyday: Your love. We are our pets best friends, and there is nothing you could buy them that could ever measure up to your time. Whether you’re just snuggling on the couch, scratching that one spot that makes their back leg go crazy, or playing a game of tug-of-war or fetch, it will mean the world to your pet. They may not be able to go out and buy you flowers or write you any love poems, but who needs that when you’ve got a dog happily wagging his tail, or a cat purring in your lap?

Typically when people think of the kinds of gifts they can give for Valentine’s Day, certain things may come to mind… flowers, candy, that big heart-shaped box of chocolates. But this Valentine’s Day why not consider a different type of gift?

The Michigan Humane Society will be holding their 2013 Valentine’s Telethon this February 14th on WXYZ Chanel 7.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be put toward the care of homeless animals, and those who have been abused and neglected.

Since the Michigan Humane Society gets no government funding, all donations are crucial and every dollar counts. You can either donate to the telethon by phone or donate online. Donations online can be done securely at the Michigan Humane Society’s website:


We have a lot of new followers these days so we thought we would refresh everyone’s memory about our Facebook page. Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies. It has grown exponentially since we first began it back in April of this year. We still have all our original goals that we posted here on the blog. (SCFFB begins.)

Our first and main mission is to save our spare change for one month. At the end of each month we take it to a CoinStar and then send the money to a different rescue every month. So far this has been really successful and we’ve even had a few people add their change to ours for donations.

The additional points to our Facebook page is that we post Adoptable Pets of the Week from various rescues and shelters. (Currently only in the Michigan area until we get a bigger following and take this thing nationwide.) We also share fundraising events for rescues and sometimes ChipIns for emergency cases. (ChipIns are Paypal powered online donation centers created by a rescue to ask for immediate donations for emergency medical care.) We even post people’s rescued pets if they want, with story, in our Rescued Critters photo album.

So if you like the idea please go like the page as well and feel free to interact. ^_^

Bobbie recently started helping rescue dogs on the westside of the state of Michigan. As she states, it does indeed just take one person to make a difference.

“What would life be like for you if you lived everyday, all day long on the end of a chain?? Would you have proper shelter from the elements?? Will anybody come play with me today?? I see my sister across the yard living as I do, but we can’t get close and be a pack like we should. Will anybody come untangle our chains today so we can have more than 3 ft of chain?? Will I ever get to run and play again?? Does anybody care about me?? The kids come and feed me, they give me a little love, but I want more… I remember before the baby came, when I use to live in the house and sleep with my humans… Will I ever get to do that again?? What did I do wrong?? Will I ever get off this chain?? I’m here… waiting… day after day…..

Sadly, this is life for many dogs living outside around the world. I met 2 wonderful dogs when I was living in Baldwin, Michigan on West US 10, which is not far from Lake Michigan. The winters get very cold up in Lake County, which is one of the poorest counties in Michigan. It was so difficult to find a job that I had to move and these dogs have been haunting me ever since.

Back in December 2011, I started a page on facebook called “Save the dogs (it just takes one person)”. I just couldn’t sit by any longer and watch others helping animals in need and not do my part. I’ve met some truly amazing people and they inspire me daily to keep fighting for these animals who have no voice. If we don’t take it upon ourselves to change the world, it will never change.

A few months ago I came across a page that just spoke to me, C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc a 501c3 in Detroit, Michigan. I emailed them asking for their help and advice on how I could help these dogs. They responded by donating 3 dog houses, 2 bags of large breed dog food, collars, toys and treats. I sacrificed my Easter and traveled to Detroit to get these gifts that they gave so willingly.

Many people have asked me why these dogs haven’t been taken away from the owner yet. I’ve called animal control in Lake County, Michigan, and spoke to them last winter about these dogs. They were suppose to go out with some straw, check on the dogs and call me back. That was months ago. And all though I have left many messages on their answering machine, no one has returned my call yet.

My goal is not to take any animals away from anyone or alert the authorities unless the animal is in mortal danger. I am trying to enhance the life of the dogs who live on chains 24/7 by providing safe fenced in yards, insulated dog houses, food assistance, treats, toys, and the love they so desperately need. This is only possible through the donations of generous people. More than anything I want to educate owners on how to become better parents and guardians to their furbabies.


Bobbie Havlik”

As much as we all might want to, we can’t bring home all of those fuzzy faces we see in our local animal shelter. BUT that does not mean we still can’t help make their lives better while they wait eagerly for someone to adopt them! You might be surprised by some of the things your local animal shelter is in need of, and how some of it may just be laying around your own home at this very moment. Why not put those items to good use? Donating old towels, newspapers, blankets, and other items can make a big difference.

We’ve compiled a list of items that most animal shelters are always in need of, but feel free to call your local shelter to find out how you can help. No amount of time or any donation is ever too small, and if everyone just pitches in a little bit, we can make a huge difference in the lives of animals in need.

Old Newspapers:

Instead of tossing out your old newspapers when you’re done with them, you can donate them to your local shelter. Newspaper is often used to line the bottoms of cat cages and needs to be changed often This inexpensive donation item makes a huge difference. If you have friends who you know toss out their leftover newspapers, you can ask them for their old papers to donate as well.

Plastic Bags:

Those plastic bags a lot of us bring our groceries home in are wonderful donation items. When dogs at the shelter are taken for walks plastic bags come in very handy for picking up any droppings that may occur along the way. Not only does donating your plastic bags help the shelter, but it also is a great way to see that the plastic bag is reused.

Leashes, Harnesses, and Collars:

We’ve all seen just how excited a dog can get when you pull out their leash to take them for a walk. Shelter dogs are no exception, and love getting out to sniff around and get some exercise. If you have a leash, harness, or collar that your pet has outgrown or no longer needs, your local shelter is sure to have an animal that it would be just perfect for!

Cat Litter:

You think your cat(s) at home go through a lot of litter? Imagine how quickly a shelter full of cats can go through it!

Food & Treats:

All those cute little faces you see in the shelter need plenty of food to stay happy and healthy. Dog and cat food donations are always appreciated, and some shelters (depending on the type of animals they take in) may even accept other foods such as guinea pig or bird food. Donating pet food can be made cheaper by watching for sales and using coupons. (We’ll try to keep you guys posted on weekly deals we find in the Michigan area!)

As for treats, lets be honest, who doesn’t love getting treats? Newspapers often feature coupons on both dog treats and cat treats. Combining coupons with sales can dramatically cut down the cost of pet treats, making them an easy-on-your-budget item to donate.

Old Towels & Blankets:

People often throw away old and faded blankets and towels, but these items make really good donation items! Having a towel to dry them off and a warm blanket to lay on can make any shelter animal much happier. If you don’t have any blankets or towels at home you want to get rid of, you can always find cheap ones at thrift stores, garage sales, and even some dollar stores!


You’d be surprised just how far your dollar can go in a shelter. Every donation makes a difference, so don’t ever feel that your donation is too small.

Your Time:

Donating your time won’t cost you any money at all, but it will make such a big difference to the animals you’re helping. Most animal shelters will accept volunteers, and even just donating a few hours of your week can really help out. Animals need fed, bathed, walked, and played with. It also helps socialize animals for their future homes when they have a variety of people to play and interact with at the shelter. That little bit of affection you give an animal could be the best part of their day, as well as yours.

Basic Cleaning Products:

Items such as paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and products such as window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach are often over-looked items that make great donations. These items will help keep the shelter clean and are items that can often be found right at your local dollar store!

Cat or Dog Beds:

If you have a gently used dog bed or cat bed that you no longer have need for, there are plenty of shelter animals that would love a comfy place to sleep.

These are just some of the items shelters often are in need of, but you can often visit your local shelter’s website to find out just what they might need at that point and time. The workers and animals will appreciate any amount of help you can offer, so we hope this article inspires people to take action in any way they can. No donation is ever too small, and every little bit helps.