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If you live around Traverse City, or just so happen to be in the area on Friday, February 21st, stop by the Brewery Ferment and raise your glass for a good cause! You’ll be able to purchase a custom designed AC PAW pint glass for $7.25. A portion of each custom glass sold will go toward helping the animals of the AC PAW rescue, and you’ll also receive a special card. If you show the bartender your card, a portion of every beer you buy at the Brewery Ferment in the next six months will go to the AC PAW as well. So on top of enjoying delicious beer, you’ll also be helping the AC PAW in their efforts to spay, neuter, vaccinate, and care for local homeless animals. If you’re not much of a beer drinker yourself, you could always purchase the pint glass and give it (along with the card) to a friend who will put it to good use and help raise funds while just simply enjoying a nice, cold drink. Here’s to helping the animals! Cheers!

Here's all the details!

Here’s all the details!


We have a lot of new followers these days so we thought we would refresh everyone’s memory about our Facebook page. Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies. It has grown exponentially since we first began it back in April of this year. We still have all our original goals that we posted here on the blog. (SCFFB begins.)

Our first and main mission is to save our spare change for one month. At the end of each month we take it to a CoinStar and then send the money to a different rescue every month. So far this has been really successful and we’ve even had a few people add their change to ours for donations.

The additional points to our Facebook page is that we post Adoptable Pets of the Week from various rescues and shelters. (Currently only in the Michigan area until we get a bigger following and take this thing nationwide.) We also share fundraising events for rescues and sometimes ChipIns for emergency cases. (ChipIns are Paypal powered online donation centers created by a rescue to ask for immediate donations for emergency medical care.) We even post people’s rescued pets if they want, with story, in our Rescued Critters photo album.

So if you like the idea please go like the page as well and feel free to interact. ^_^

So on top of our big adoption event tomorrow night, we will be moving within the next two weeks. (Just one town over but moving is moving and such a pain in the butt!)

As soon as we brought the cardboard boxes in the critters seemed to know what is in store. They watch us walk back and forth, back and forth. You would think we’d left them behind before or something! (Which we never have.)

Arthas, our chinchilla, could care less. As long as his food dish is full, he is a happy fella.

Zelda loves to run between all the boxes like we made a maze especially for her.

Ozzy insists on sticking his nose in every open box.

Hopefully once the move is complete and we’re all settled in, there will be plenty of new fun pictures of the animals in our new place. Ozzy for one, is going to love it because there are trails all over for us to explore.

Within the next two days we will post how the adoption event went and any pictures we take. We are SO excited and hope things go well. 🙂

Sorry for the gaps in posts, but both of us have been busy bees as of lately. We are about to attend our first adoption event this Thursday for our Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies Facebook page. So we’ve been working in our spare time to get everything ready for the event. We will be attending it with a rescue in the area who will have their adoptables there for people to meet. We plan on having some information packets available for people about easy ways to help rescues and tips for making adoption easier. Along with cartoon drawings of people’s dogs that come by for a donation. We will also have a can for spare change to go to our rescue of choice at the end of the month.

We’re both really excited and can’t wait to see how it goes. ^.^

Starting Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies Facebook page ( has opened up a whole new world to us. We’ve come into contact with so many people and some rescues that think what we’re doing is a really great idea. And vice versa. There are SO many groups of people trying to make the world a better place for animals and the methods have been impressive.

This day and age is all about the technology. So networking urgent animals about to be gassed on the top social network, Facebook, should come at no surprise. However the number of pages cross posting (posting animals from all over the state and/or country on as many pages as possible) is amazing! I don’t have statistics on how many animals it has saved but it’s definitely more than would have been saved if these pages never existed. Just one example of many is a community dedicated to the rescue of dogs:

Besides posting animals about to be put to sleep, they also spread the word about fundraising events for rescues, petitions to change state legislation, ChipIn pages (online fundraising where people can donate money to causes via PayPal) and educating the public.

For example, there is a FABULOUS group in Detroit that works to get dogs off the chains and educate owners on proper care of their animals. They are called C.H.A.I.N.E.D Inc., and they raise money and materials to build pens with houses for dogs living their lives on a chain. They recently won a brand new Toyota to help them transport supplies from people voting for them online.

These are just a few of the MANY ideas we have come across in just the last two months. We highly encourage you to browse around the next time you’re just hanging out on Facebook and see what great organizations are trying the spread their word and help change the world. Then we ask you to do ONE more thing; SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. Clicking that “like” button hardly takes any effort at all. Sharing takes just a tiny bit more effort but it helps spread the message to the next person who might think it’s a great idea. Most of all, these rescues/groups/organizations will KNOW that there are people out there backing them up and taking their message to heart. They see horrific things everyday in their mission for a better world, the VERY least we can do is show them that we care. The VERY least we can do is click that button.

So the last question is, will you click to save lives?

For the month of May we were able to save $23.76 in change to donate to an animal rescue. The rescue that will be receiving the donation this month is Almost Home Animal Rescue League in West Bloomfield, MI. They are a great no-kill rescue that help a lot of animals every year. Some of you may remember the story we posted about Whiskey Joe, the basset hound that had been beat so badly he lost an eye. We are happy to report that Almost Home found him a loving forever home!

This is their website for anyone interested:


“One day I hope to walk into an animal shelter and all I will see are a few animals there, waiting for their owners to arrive because they were licensed and properly tagged.One day when I see a pregnant dog or cat I won’t cry, feel sad or be frightened. One day I hope there will be no use for organizations like mine.” -Gail Montgomery, co-founder of Almost Home.

Working full time doesn’t leave much time for anything else the rest of the week. Add to that that perhaps on one of your only days off you spend time at the local animal rescue helping in any way you can. Maybe you dream of one day owning your very own rescue, but currently if you bring home one more animal your significant other might be tempted to leave you. Despite all these things you still feel like in some shape or form you could be doing more to help the blight of animals, be they domestic or exotic or endangered, anything that tickles your fancy. Then there is the case of money. In this day and age, some have it, many don’t.

You most likely have some change rolling around in the bottom of your purse or pockets. There may even be some laying around on the floor of your vehicle. Those bottles in the garage sure are stacking up mighty high. But how much change can really make a difference?
One can of dog food costs roughly 80 cents. One can of cat food costs about 50 cents. That one little can, can in fact fill someone’s belly for at least one day. That one small can makes a great difference in the life of a hungry animal.

In one month, saving our spare change, Dani saved $9.57. I saved $10.94. We took the change to our bank and used their CoinStar machine free of charge. We were then able to turn around and write a check to a rescue. We are striving to do this every month, and every month donate to a different animal rescue in the state. This month our donation will go to FIDO Dog Rescue in Ann Arbor.

We hope to make this fundraising opportunity go first state-wide and hopefully down the line, nation-wide. Please join our FB page ( and help spread the Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies movement.

Ashleigh and Dani, spare change saving experts!