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Just a friendly reminder that February is National Pet Dental Health Month!



Febuary 17, 2009; a day that would forever be known in infamy in my life. The day we brought home a small ball of fur with bald eyes, whom was promptly named Ozzy.

We were living in a rather spacious two bedroom apartment in Grand Blanc which just so happened to allow dogs. After a couple of months of begging, my boyfriend (now fiance) Rob and our roommate Jared finally caved and agreed to getting a puppy. A long time fan of rescuing, this was my first time adopting a shelter dog. (Previously in my 22 years of life the family dogs had been two German Shepherd Dogs and a Cocker Spaniel.) The excitement was almost uncontainable. I raced home from work, picked up the boys and headed to Flint. The shelter closed at 4:00 pm, we had no time to waste!

We waltzed into the Genessee County Animal Control with some time to spare and headed to the dogs. For whatever reason (maybe simply a “duh” moment or perhaps fate) we entered the door marked “Wednesday” thinking that that was the only aisle of dogs we could adopt from since it was Wednesday.

There was a wide range of adult dogs, including a beagle who was so happy to see us that he peed, but we had all agreed on a puppy. There were about three litters of puppies that barely had their motor skills, and two ten week old puppies who looked similar but were in seperate cages. I put a hand on each cage. The puppy on the left just looked at me, while the puppy on the right edged closer and then licked my fingers. He was black with fuzzy ears, a dipstick tail and bald eyes. His ID tag read “Lab/Chow Mix”. Rob thought he would probably get too big, but I KINDLY pointed out that there was no weight limit at the apartment complex. “Let’s at least get him out, play with him and see how it goes.”

I set him down in the play room, walked to the other end, and sat cross legged on the floor. I just wanted to see what he would do. Was he more interested in the room? Or me? He sniffed the ground for about three seconds, then he bounded full speed, paws windmilling, jumped into my lap and covered my face in kisses. Rob’s eyes got big and he said “That’s it. He’s ours.”

We ran up front and filled out all the paperwork. They let us give him a bath there and then we headed home. It took almost all of our income tax money to get him to proper health. He had mange which developed into a secondary skin infection, roundworms, and was malnourished and dehydrated. Not to mention getting all his shots up to date and getting him neutered. Fortunately it has been worth every single penny. He has been the best dog that I have ever owned. I took him everywhere with me until about a year ago when he tore not one but both CCLs (Cranial cruciate ligament in a dog, anterior cruciate ligament in a human). Two major surgeries and months of bed rest later, he is just now behaving like himself again. He has been a trooper through it all, barely even a whine after either surgery. But what else would one expect from a tough little rockstar?


(Ozzy’s first picture! You can see the mange around his eyes.)

(My baby boy all grown up and looking beautiful!)