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Posted: February 23, 2014 in Fun Photos
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There isn’t much to do these cold winter days except to curl up on the couch with a good book. But the moment you get up to go to the bathroom, the cat steals your spot.



We haven’t posted anything in this section of the blog in awhile. Reason being, it was extremely slow going introducing 2 cats who were already used to each other to a different cat. We kept them separated for quite some time since their very first accidental meeting went so terribly. See here.

We took the advice of a friend experienced in introducing cats and kept them separated but let them get used to each other’s scents for several months. After that, it was time to just let them all out together and see what happened. They would just have to work it out among themselves.

Today was the day to see if there were be a furry massacre or not.

There was one hiss from Zelda and that was that. Everyone found their personal sunning spots and commenced napping.

Bailey is the cat closest to the camera and Zelda is in the back.

Bailey is the cat closest to the camera and Zelda is in the back.

Ozzy says he’s ready for presents! How about everyone else?!


At least to Zelda. The tree wasn’t up and decorated for 30 seconds before she was under it and chewing on it.

We're just lucky she doesn't try to climb it.

We’re just lucky she doesn’t try to climb it.

Miss Zelda gets what she wants and she’s fine with being evil about it.

Too bad she's absolutely adorable when she's evil.

Too bad she’s absolutely adorable when she’s evil.

So the first week after our very eventful accidental introductions of the kitties, things have been quiet for the most part. We’ve kept the kittens separated successfully.

We did let Jack out by himself to meet Zelda and there was a lot of grumbling and growling on Zelda’s part but that was it.

Ozzy has met the two new kitties (Jack and Bailey) and thought he had two new buddies to play with. This freaks them out a bit but Ozzy is gentle so we think eventually they’ll be okay with one another. Once the new cat smell wears off Ozzy probably won’t even care anymore.

We also introduced Ozzy and Dani’s guinea pig Kirby, which was the best introduction thus far. Ozzy even gives Kirby cute little kisses.

"Why won't the little kitties play with me?"

“Why won’t the little kitties play with me?”


Cute fluffy puppies for the win! Sunday isn’t just about the Super Bowl, it’s also about the most adorable game to ever be played, the Puppy Bowl! That’s right, Animal Planet will be airing their annual Puppy Bowl tomorrow at 3pm, so be sure to tune in if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

As if watching a bunch of cute and rambunctious little puppies play on a mini football field wasn’t enough to make you want to watch, the Puppy Bowl is also a big promoter for pet adoptions! Information about how you can adopt rescued pets is available during the program, which makes it educational as well as entertaining. And though it is called the ‘Puppy Bowl’, there are plenty of other little critters that get in on the fun as well, including kittens at half-time, hedgehog ‘cheerleaders’, and of course the hamsters. What more could you ask for?