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It’s a simple fact that there are few things in the entire world that cats love as much as catnip.

So, with that in mind, when spoiling our kitties, catnip is usually one of the first things we look for. This year, while Christmas shopping, we were surprised to discover something we’d never heard of before, and just thought we’d share our find now that the cats have had enough time to thoroughly test it out.

Catnip Bubbles!!

Found these bubbles at a cool store called 'Five Below' for $3.50

Found these bubbles at a cool store called ‘Five Below’ for $3.50

Containing pure catnip oil, the bubbles come just like the ones we all played with as kids, with a little bubble wand and everything!

So far between all three of our cats, the results have varied, but mostly been positive.

  • Bailey LOVES them. She was a little spooked by them popping at first, but quickly grew to love swatting the bubbles with her paw and popping them herself! And as soon as she’s done committing bubble murder, she always looks up expectantly with her big imploring kitty eyes, eager for more.
  • Zelda doesn’t appreciate the bubbles popping, but she definitely enjoys the aftermath by rubbing her face into the carpet where the bubbles have previously popped. It makes for quite the entertaining sight to say the least.
  • Jack is, to put it bluntly, terrified of them. He runs away and meows a meow of intense displeasure any time one comes remotely near him.

So, to sum it up catnip bubbles may not be for every cat, but we think it is at least worth a try. Some cats love them, some are spooked by them, and some just like the smell of them, but it’s always fun to let your critters try something new. ๐Ÿ™‚


We haven’t posted anything in this section of the blog in awhile. Reason being, it was extremely slow going introducing 2 cats who were already used to each other to a different cat. We kept them separated for quite some time since their very first accidental meeting went so terribly. See here.

We took the advice of a friend experienced in introducing cats and kept them separated but let them get used to each other’s scents for several months. After that, it was time to just let them all out together and see what happened. They would just have to work it out among themselves.

Today was the day to see if there were be a furry massacre or not.

There was one hiss from Zelda and that was that. Everyone found their personal sunning spots and commenced napping.

Bailey is the cat closest to the camera and Zelda is in the back.

Bailey is the cat closest to the camera and Zelda is in the back.

So we’re still taking it rather slowly getting the cats used to each other, but a small bit of progress has been made. Jack and Zelda can now be in the same room without anyone going into kitty-kill mode, though Zelda still lets it be known she is displeased by growling at Jack. This is a welcomed change compared to the explosion of hatred that had preciously ensued between Zelda and Bailey.

Of all three of the cats, Jack is by far the least …catty (pun totally intended).

"What's with all the drama, ladies?"

“What’s with all the drama, ladies?”

We’re hoping to start re-introducing Zelda and Bailey in a more controlled manner soon. So we’ll keep you guys posted of any further progress in the kitty chronicles. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Kitty Chronicles:

Well, we did it. We finally moved in together. And although we both know each other very well, our cats are a completely different story. With Ashleigh owning Zelda and my husband and I owning Jack and Bailey, we knew it would be a challenge introducing them. My husband had owned his cat Jack well before we had even met each other. He’d raised him since he was a kitten and we decided a little over a year ago to get Jack a companion, which we adopted in the form of a chubby girl cat named Bailey. The two did the typical angry cat dance of hatred that most cats seem to do involving plenty of growling and hissing, but no actual contact was made. After a little while they became really close and Bailey even took on the adorable responsibility of grooming Jack.





Ashleigh has had her cat Zelda for four years. Zelda had been introduced to other cats before as well, even being buddies with a male cat. However we decided to attempt to make introductions slowly to stress the cats out as little as possible.



This is where we decided to chronicle our adventure in introducing two familiar cats to one unfamiliar cat with her territory already set.



Before we could try to slowly introduce the cats after they had become somewhat familiar with one another’s scents, Zelda seized the opportunity to slip through an open door and kamikaze Bailey as she had just arrived. What ensued was a screeching, snarling, snorting ball of furry hatred. Being followed by three yelling people attempting to get hold of one cat to separate them. Needless to say, things did not start off as planned.

From here forward (for about the next week) we’re going to keep them completely separated and switching out who is free to roam the apartment so that they become better acquainted with their environment and all their smells. Then we plan to separate them in cat crates facing each other across the room so that they get used to the sight of each other. Then we’ll slowly move the crates progressively closer until they are not as hostile toward one another before we attempt to take them out of the crates for real one on one time.


This is the plan we have. We’ll see how the kitties render it in THE KITTY CHRONICLES.


The adoption event was canceled due to a big storm rolling in. We were SO bummed! Especially when it didn’t end up storming until well after the event would have ended. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

However, with the way weather has been in the Ann Arbor area lately, it definitely isn’t worth the risk. ย Tornados and floods oh my!

So on top of our big adoption event tomorrow night, we will be moving within the next two weeks. (Just one town over but moving is moving and such a pain in the butt!)

As soon as we brought the cardboard boxes in the critters seemed to know what is in store. They watch us walk back and forth, back and forth. You would think we’d left them behind before or something! (Which we never have.)

Arthas, our chinchilla, could care less. As long as his food dish is full, he is a happy fella.

Zelda loves to run between all the boxes like we made a maze especially for her.

Ozzy insists on sticking his nose in every open box.

Hopefully once the move is complete and we’re all settled in, there will be plenty of new fun pictures of the animals in our new place. Ozzy for one, is going to love it because there are trails all over for us to explore.

Within the next two days we will post how the adoption event went and any pictures we take. We are SO excited and hope things go well. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Where did you put that cat nip? I promise to not destroy the tub its stored in again….”