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A few days ago I lost a very good friend. He was a tall, dark and handsome fellow. He had a tendency to be shy but he was always sweet. He walked with a limp like an old time pimp, but he was never mean to anyone. People gravitated towards him because he had such a welcoming presence.

His name was Feten and he was a horse.

He wasn’t just any horse though, he let me pretend that I was the horse whisperer. In fact, it became somewhat of a nickname for me on Sunday mornings at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary where he lived and I volunteered. (Volunteered being past tense due to vehicle issues.) I’ve always been incredibly fond of horses since I was very young but never did I have a relationship with one like that of Feten. Really, I think he just humored me but that’s okay.

I’ll never forget my first serious conversation with Feten, yes I said conversation. It was morning grain time for all the horses and while all you had to do to get everyone else out of the pasture to come and eat, was yell “Come and eat!” However, Feten just stood there watching the rest of the herd run for the goods. When he didn’t attempt to come I walked out to meet him part way. He just stared at me. I told him, “Come on, it’s time for breakfast!” He just stared. I was at a loss, how did one convince a horse to come eat? I crossed my arms, “I feel stupid whistling at you because you’re not a dog.” He continued staring. If he didn’t get there soon, there wouldn’t be any grain left for him. In a last ditch effort, I patted my thighs and said, “Come on buddy.” He strolled right up to me and then walked the entire way with his head over my right shoulder, keeping pace the whole time. He had no halter or lead rope on, but he just kept walking right next to me until he saw that glorious bucket of goodies. This is forever ingrained into my memory it meant so much to me. Why, I could probably never describe. This is but one story in our two years of friendship.

My heart hangs heavy with his loss but also rejoices in his life. He had such a beautiful soul. He frequently encouraged me to scratch his belly for him. He was an ex-race horse that was injured and then surrendered to the sanctuary where he spent the remainder of his life, naked, free, loved, and catered to daily. I know how much love and attention he received, not just from myself of course but from other volunteers and the owners of the farm as well. He would never again be tossed aside because he couldn’t bring in the money. He knew only love and understanding for all the rest of his days, and I am thankful that he shared his love and life with me.

Feten, the handsome fellow that he was.

Feten, the handsome fellow that he was.

Please take the time to volunteer or donate money and goods to sanctuaries. I know that Feten would greatly appreciate people giving a second chance to someone like himself.



Looking for something to do this Saturday? Love Pugs? Love Boston Terriers? Well, Saturday, February 8th is the day for you! The Pug Rescue Network and the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue are teaming up again for this year’s Valentine’s Day Party. People are invited to come join in on the fun and help raise funds that will help with vet/adoption expenses, food and other supplies for rescued pugs. Admission is free, and pets of all breeds are welcome to tag along with their owners and make some new friends.

Some of the fun activities to help raise funds are:

  • Raffles
  • Cake Walks
  • “Hug-a-Pug” and “Kiss-a-Boston”
  • Pugs vs. Bostons Races
  • Contests
  • Valentine’s Photos
  • Got spare change? Bring in your pennies for the Pennies for Pets jug to help make a difference!
  • There will also be merchandise for sale, and $5 lunches (hotdog, chips, and pop).

Pugs and Boston Terriers currently up for adoption will be available for people to meet, and if interested, people may begin the adoption process to give these cuties the forever homes they deserve. Vet care and training are provided to each of the dogs before adoption. For more information, you can call 248-432-0102 or email

Learn more about the Pug Rescue Network here:

And you can also learn about the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue here:

Brutis and Bebe showing off their best pug mugs.

Brutis and Bebe showing off their best pug mugs.



We both just learned an interesting tidbit tonight that we thought would be fun to share. Being advocates for shelter adoption, we were surprised we had never heard of such a thing before, but we loved the idea behind it. Since dogs brought into shelters are from all walks of life, often little background information is known of them, including their birthdays. With the help of a vet, it usually isn’t too hard to figure out the age of a dog, but their actual birthday forever remains a mystery.

Well, the North Shore Animal League America (the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization) decided that everyone deserves a birthday, and so they named the first day in August as DOGust 1st, a birthday for all of the shelter and rescue dogs whose birthdays are otherwise unknown.

With August right around the corner we thought now would be the perfect time to share the news for those of you who didn’t already know about it. Also, if anyone is interested in more information about the NSALA, you can get all the details right here:

Ozzy celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Ozzy celebrating his 2nd birthday!

June 1st officially marks the beginning of National Pet Adoption Month!

If you’ve been thinking about bringing a new pet into your home, what better way than to adopt one from a shelter or rescue? Finding a pet is made even more convenient these days with sites like or where you can find tons of pets in your area right from home. You’ll find even more than just dogs and cats too, including animals like ferrets, chinchillas, rats, birds, and plenty of other little critters.



Chairman Waffles is a domestic shorthair with black and white coloring and big green eyes. He might sound like a ton of other cats with that description, but this special kitty has undergone three different surgeries (including a partial reconstruction surgery) since December, and he really needs a home.

Waffles arrived at the Michigan Humane Society’s Detroit Center for Animal Care as a stray who had severe damage to his face, nose and tongue, which were covered in chemical burns. They think he may have gotten into something he shouldn’t have while looking for something to drink as a stray.

Though Waffles has been through so much and no longer looks like most other cats, this experience has not damaged his spirit whatsoever. He loves to give kisses and cuddle. He’s a very friendly cat, as you can see by this video, and could really use a home where he can get all the love and attention he deserves.

While under the care of the Michigan Humane Society, Waffles has made another special friend with a fellow foster kitty named Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns has had a lifelong condition which causes him to sneeze a lot. Because of this condition, Mr. Burns also has mild nose and eye discharge. Waffles and Mr. Burns have become so close, that they would do especially well finding a loving home together. If anyone out there is interested in giving their heart and home to these special felines, you can e-mail Dr. Amy at for more information.

Even if you may not be the one to be able to adopt them, you can still help by simply spreading the word. Never underestimate what you can do for an animal just by sharing their information with others. You never know who your message might reach in the long run and what amazing changes that person could make for an animal in need.

If you want to share Waffles’ story on Facebook to help get the word out there, the Michigan Humane Society posted this picture with his and Mr. Burns’ story that you can easily hit ‘share’ on to help pass it along. It takes only a second, but might make a huge difference.

Cute fluffy puppies for the win! Sunday isn’t just about the Super Bowl, it’s also about the most adorable game to ever be played, the Puppy Bowl! That’s right, Animal Planet will be airing their annual Puppy Bowl tomorrow at 3pm, so be sure to tune in if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

As if watching a bunch of cute and rambunctious little puppies play on a mini football field wasn’t enough to make you want to watch, the Puppy Bowl is also a big promoter for pet adoptions! Information about how you can adopt rescued pets is available during the program, which makes it educational as well as entertaining. And though it is called the ‘Puppy Bowl’, there are plenty of other little critters that get in on the fun as well, including kittens at half-time, hedgehog ‘cheerleaders’, and of course the hamsters. What more could you ask for?


We sincerely hope that everyone’s holiday season was fantastic. We let Ozzy open his own presents this year, he did so well! He put both paws on his present and then started pulling off the wrapping paper with his front teeth, promptly spitting out the paper. (We were watching him closely the entire time.) Unfortunately we didn’t think to grab the camera fast enough.

We also added two new family members to the household, Bruce and Harvey. Goldfish. ^_^



(They’ll out grow this amazing tank quickly, which will be sad, but we’ll enjoy the awesomeness while it lasts.)

Time to get to those 2013 resolutions everyone!

MICritterChitter plans to continue being active in bringing you educational information and fun photos. (Remember you can contribute articles and photos if you like. Just email them to We also plan to be active in helping animals in need in any way possible. One of the ways we do this is on our Facebook page Spare Change Filling Furry Bellies. There we post adoptable animals, ways you can help different rescues, and general advice dealing with animal rescue.

We raise our glasses to a year of making a difference!